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What Is The Average Cost Of Smile Eye Surgery?

Medical science has made some aggressive development in recent times. Curing different diseases has become a lot easier and gives highly positive results. Eye problems and vision correction are no different. The technology of Small Incision Lenticule Extraction or SMILE is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can treat refractive errors of the eye. SMILE surgery is applied to treat hypermetropia or farsightedness, myopia or nearsightedness, presbyopia or the inability to focus your vision, and astigmatism or blurred images from a distance.

The procedure and its popularity

SMILE surgery is a sophisticated technology-driven vision correction procedure. SMILE uses a computer-guided laser to remove the corneal lenticule to align your cornea for the best vision. In 2016 the US FDA approved the treatment approach. In 2018 this technology-driven procedure received The Nobel Prize. SMILE is one of the most effective ways to correct refractive errors in your vision. In the past years, SMILE has set a track record of immense precision and highly successful results.

The Cost factor

SMILE surgery is one of the most sophisticated minimally invasive eye surgery procedures, which offers efficacy and a high success rate. SMILE, naturally, is not a low-budget surgical procedure. The smile eye surgery cost in India varies between Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,45,000 for both eyes. The cost of eye surgery will range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000. The cost of the procedure can vary from city to city of the country. Several aspects affect the procedure cost. Let us look at them in detail.

The surgeon

The surgeon quality is one of the main aspects that affect the overall Smile eye surgery cost in India. All surgeon has their service charges and cost, and this detail will determine your cost bracket for the surgery. Select an experienced surgeon for your SMILE eye surgery to enjoy a successful surgery and quality results. Experienced top-grade surgeons have high prices.

Technology used

SMILE surgery is a technology-driven procedure. The latest and most sophisticated technology, medical equipment, and infrastructure are employed for the treatment approach. The instrument cost used for the treatment determines the surgery cost.

Diagnostic evaluations and tests

Surgeons do a lot of precise and meticulous planning before the surgery. You will be advised to do some diagnostic tests to ascertain your suitability for the procedure. Some of the common tests done before a SMILE surgery are the pentagram test, retinal tests, eye pressure tests, visual acuity tests, corneal thickness tests, etc. The different diagnostic tests come with a cost that affects the overall cost of the procedure.

Hospital of your choice

The quality of the hospital where you are getting the procedure done will affect the overall result or outcome of the surgery. You can opt for a private or government hospital for the treatment. The charges of the private hospitals will vary according to the facilities they provide to their customers. Choose a good quality hospital that provides the best medical infrastructure for your surgery.

Post Surgery care

One of the main advantages of SMILE surgery is the short recovery time. You can recover your vision swiftly and can bounce back to normal life at the earliest. However, quality post-surgery requires care like oral pills, eye drops, and protective eyewear, and can help you heal faster. Top-rated eye surgeons and their teams are available for post-operative consultation if you face any adverse side effects. Post-surgery care and support are available against service charges, which can increase your overall SMILE eye surgery cost.

Medical Insurance Coverage

SMILE eye surgery is a form of elective treatment or optional procedure to treat refractive errors in your vision. Medical Insurance does not cover elective or optional treatment procedures. You will not get medical insurance coverage for SMILE eye surgery. However, if you have a refractive power of 7.5 D, you can get insurance coverage. In some other instances, like if you get injured by the refractive error, if there is a side effect that damages the results, if the patient is affected by severe myopia, etc, you can get medical insurance coverage. Find out about these aspects before you appear for the surgery.

Help from the clinics

Even though you cannot get insurance coverage for the surgery, you can get all types of help from the top eye clinics in the city. Some of the best eye clinics in the city have prepared several SMILE surgery packages to cater to the requirements of a broad spectrum of patients. Find out about all the packages in the clinic and the features and facilities you can get from them. Get a surgery package that caters to all your basic requirements. Top-rated clinics also provide the facility of easy EMI payment of the cost.

Massive benefits

SMILE eye surgery is indeed a cost-intensive surgical procedure. The benefits you can get from a SMILE eye surgery are immense. The procedure is highly technology oriented, safe, and swift. The success rate of SMILE is nearly a hundred percent. You can get accurate vision without using any spectacles or lenses. The recovery time from the procedure is also really swift. Tee actual time of the procedure is no more than a few minutes only. The preparation before the operation takes a tad little extra.

A profitable option

When you compare the cost and the benefits of MILE you will realize that it is one of the best options in hand. No wonder so many people across the world are opting for this procedure to correct their vision due to refractive errors. Find out all about the cost, the benefits you can against the payment, the kind of support you can get for making the payment, etc. Weigh all the aspects and attributes and then take a call to get the best benefits possible. Although SMILE is an expensive treatment approach, the benefits you can get from the treatment are broad spectrum. You can enjoy perfect vision without wearing any lenses or spectacles.

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