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Affordable & Reliable Laser Eye Surgery In Delhi

Permanent vision correction options are required by all those individuals at some or the other point after consistently using spectacles. The constant use of corrective glasses can lead to strained vision, headache, blurred vision, double vision, dry eyes, and fatigue along with trouble concentrating on nearby or far-off objects. Therefore, it is ideal to find the ideal solution to tackle the vision correction issues, permanently, keeping in mind, the minimum side-effects. Considering the above-stated situations, Lasik or laser eye surgery in Delhi is worth unfolding when it comes to getting rid of vision complications in a painless and hassle-free manner. In terms of implication, Lasik or laser eye surgery focuses on identifying the refractive issues that are hampering the vision of an individual. 

After understanding the unique requirements of the patient’s vision correction, a major plan to be involved is worked over by the eye specialists and ophthalmologists. The best part about choosing laser eye surgery is the efficient outcome, advanced infrastructure and the expertise of eye surgeons altogether deliver desirable vision improvement results. Besides, personal care assistance is offered to patients during and after the laser eye surgery in Delhi.


The vision improvement results offered by the prescribed glasses may fluctuate or may become ineffective soon or later. Be it due to age, illness, or any other health-based condition, the functioning of the eye tend to change and it becomes tough to cope with the focusing and concentration on objects. In short, the complications of near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism may cause inconvenience if the consistent use of powered spectacles is counted on. However, in the case of Lasik or laser eye surgery in Delhi, the improved and advanced type of laser technology is used to treat the irregularities of the cornea. 

As a result, the reshaping of the cornea helps an individual in focusing better while ensuring a convenient experience during the Lasik eye surgery. If you are planning to undergo laser eye surgery, then, the eligibility and age factor should be checked with the eye specialist. In terms of the right age, you should be over 18 to opt for laser-assisted Lasik surgery. In addition, the initial consultation with the doctor will help you in knowing whether the surgery is suitable for you or not. In terms of eligibility, if your prescription of the eye has been stable for the past 2 years, then, you will get a thumbs up for the Lasik surgery. 

Nevertheless, the other factors in accordance with the corneal thickness, dry eyes, or the overall compatibility with the laser eye surgery will be determined after the clinical examination conducted by the doctor. Since every individual has unique vision correction goals and a varied history of refractive issues, the eye specialist invests quality time during the consultation for a detailed evaluation. If the doctor establishes the evidence-based reasoning related to the risk-free laser eye surgery in Delhi, then, the number of sessions and recovery segments are discussed.

The common purpose of eye surgery is to address refractive issues and improve the vision of an individual. But, there are two types of laser-assisted surgery, including, laser eye surgery and lens surgery. Particularly, in terms of procedure, there are 3 types of eye surgery options that you can choose from: 

LASIK: This laser-assisted eye surgery involves the use of 2 lasers, wherein, one of them is used for opening up the thin flap in the surface of the cornea. On the other hand, the second laser reshapes the cornea underneath. In the next step, the flap is smoothened back properly without stitching. 


SMILE: As a part of this laser eye surgery, the cornea is reshaped through a small self-sealing hole. 

Surface laser treatments (PRK, LASEK, and TransPRK): In this laser-assisted eye surgery, the clear skin that covers the cornea, is removed. This step is aimed at helping the surgeon in reshaping the cornea with a laser. The skin is left to heal without stitching, after the treatment.

There are very rare chances where 1 in 10 patients experiences discomfort or risk related to vision correction through laser-assisted eye surgery. In such circumstances, a few follow-up sessions for observation and the next surgery session are planned by the laser eye surgery centre in Delhi. Following are some of the issues that a patient may face if the laser eye surgery does not get executed as expected:

Visual disturbances

Mild discomfort in the eye 

Redness in the white part of the eye

Scope of finding the best resources for laser eye surgery in Delhi

When you have consulted with the top eye specialist and are declared eligible for laser eye surgery, then, finding the right clinic with modern amenities will be obvious. The whole idea is to finalize the top clinic for laser eye surgery in Delhi after checking all the modern amenities. Following are some of the recommendations for laser eye centres in Delhi:

  • Dayal Eye Centre, Gurgaon, Sector 15

  • Metro Hospital, Faridabad

  • Clinic Eximus, Anand Vihar, Delhi

  • Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

  • Pristyn Care, Delhi

  • Shroff Eye Centre, Delhi

If you are looking for uncovering the details regarding the top ophthalmologists or browse through resources before undergoing laser-assisted eye surgery, then, Plan My Lasik is worth counting on. We have expert contributors, medical professionals, certified doctors and other individuals with profound knowledge related to laser-assisted eye surgery. To get started with the search for an informative journey regarding permanent eye surgery options, visit

What should you know about Lasik laser eye surgery in Delhi?

Types of laser-assisted Lasik eye surgery

Are there any risks of laser eye surgery? 

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