Epi Contoura / Streamlight Laser is special advanced technique of laser specs removal used in patients not eligible for Contoura Vision specially in those having thin corneas. Epi Contoura procedure is 100% blade-free, 100% cut free, 100% flap free, 100% touch less. Epi Contoura procedure does not involve creating a flap, it does not leave any scar hence it cannot be detected on slit lamps and other routine eye checkups and with special no touch technique it has become a preferred choice  for people into sports or those applying for government medicals like navy, police, army, airforce, railways etc

Can Contoura Vision surgery be detected  in Government Medical Exams?

There are many misconceptions about this question. Let's clear this doubt for once and for all.


Contoura Vision is one of the most advanced laser procedures available in India today.

It is a completely blade less procedure and hence causes minimum corneal tissue damage. Therefore, if Contoura Vision is performed 1-2 months before the medical exam (which gives the operated eye enough to heal properly), it becomes highly unlikely to be noticed in the routine examinations performed during most of the government medical exams in India. Most of the government medicals do routine examinations like refraction, fundoscopy, dilated examination, color vision testing etc. In these medicals Contoura Vision cannot be detected. Medical examination centres in India are not equipped with high end machinery that can detect Contoura Vision.

Examination on high end equipment and machines is performed in Railway jobs where the eyes play a very important role. In such cases usually Epi - Contoura is advisable.

If you're still doubtful about what level of examination would be performed, you should go for the latest surface ablation laser surgery, Epi-Contoura which is a flap-less, cut-less, pain-less and touch-less surgery.

It practically leaves no scar on the operated corneal surface which makes it  impossible to be detected. It is advised to get Epi-Contoura done 2-3 months before the medical exam for proper healing as surface ablation procedures take a rather long time for recovery.

Now the question arises, if Epi-Contoura is more likely to go undetected in medical exams then why Contoura Vision is still preferred for most of the medical exams by leading refractive surgeons in India?


The reason is, Contoura vision provides the best visual outcomes, fattest and smooth recovery, and goes completely undetected in most of the medical exams where high end tests are not conducted. For example. Police, Army, Navy, Airforce etc.

Epi-Contoura, on the other hand, is a surface ablation procedure where the recovery is rather slow and uneasy. 

Therefore, Epi-Contoura is recommended only if the candidate is appearing for a medical exam like Railways (where the probability of checking on HD Slit lamps is higher).


There no financial preference for Contoura Vision as both Contoura Vision and Epi-Contoura cost the same.

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