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Lasik eye surgery cost in India – Information that you can count on

Getting vision corrected through the sure-shot procedure is essential to experience a better lifestyle. There are many factors that contribute to poor vision and cause discomfort in focusing on objects nearby or t a distance. To fix all the refractive issues permanently, laser eye surgery is the best treatment to count. With the help of the latest technology, laser-assisted eye surgery, advanced equipment and expertise of seasoned ophthalmologists help them in completing the vision correction procedure with precision. Over the past few years, the queries and apprehensions about Lasik surgery cost in India have popped up and frequently searched online to know the guaranteed outcome of this laser eye surgery. Therefore, we have compiled information that will make a difference to your search for the best eye clinic for Lasik laser eye surgery cost.

Factors Influencing the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India

Lasik specialists rely on advanced technology, expertise of the medical team and excellent infrastructure to deliver effective results. It further influences the Lasik surgery cost in Delhi for permanent vision correction. The average cost of Lasik ranges between INR 35,000 to INR 1,35,000 approximately. This cost is finalized after including consultation, budget of the patient, initial eye examinations and the after-care services recommended by the eye specialist. Besides, the follow-ups, report assessment, healing remedies and other routine tests before & after the treatment also get considered in estimating the cost of laser-assisted eye surgery in India.

From the above information, it is imperative that clinic examinations conducted by the eye specialists before the Lasik surgery will also impact the final cost incurred by the patient. Following tests are carried out by the ophthalmologist before proceeding with the surgery:

•Topography: As a part of this eye examination, corneal mapping is carried out further measuring the curvature of the eye.

•Wavefront analysis: All the critical issues related to vision faced by the patient are assessed in this test.

•Dry eye test: The likelihood of dryness and issues caused in vision due to the same are checked in this Lasik pre-evaluation test.

•Cycloplegic refraction test: This test determines all the refractive issues of eyes.

•Pupil measurement test: Pupil size also influences the eligibility of patients for Lasik treatment. Thus, this pre-surgery test ensures if the pupil size of the patient is adequate to avoid complications during the surgery.


• Pachymetry test: The eye condition is evaluated through a pachymeter in this test.

Over 10, 000 people have undergone or been recommended laser eye surgery by the ophthalmologists in India. Considering the increased amounts of refractive issues which are beyond correction through regular treatment, Lasik is suitable for vision correction. This permanent eye surgery that uses advanced laser-assisted technology for vision cored is aimed at helping patients gain clear vision. They can get rid of prescribed glasses or contact lenses permanently and safely.

The Lasik treatment focuses on treating astigmatism, short-sightedness or myopia and hyperopia or far-sightedness by experienced eye surgery specialists. This process may require additional surgery depending on the specification of laser eye surgery plan customized for the patient. But, when it comes to taking a concrete decision, the factor of Lasik laser eye surgery cost is imperative to reflect over. Since every patient has to undergo different types of refractive issues based on their vision-related changes, therefore, the treatment needs to be customized.

We have listed some of the factors that influence the cost of laser eye surgery after the patient is considered to be eligible for the procedure:

1.  Advanced technology and tools involved in the procedure

Over the past few years, new methodologies have been introduced in medical science to offer easy treatment options. These procedures are backed by technologically advanced measures and proven evidence regarding the treatment make them effective. In the case of Lasik, the latest equipment and technology play a vital role in influencing the cost of laser eye surgery for permanent vision correction. If the amenities and process in totality are compared, then, Lasik surgery is comparatively affordable than contoura vision eye Lasik eye surgery.

2.  Clinic location and its reputation

While finalizing laser eye surgery, the location of clinic or hospital also influences the Lasik operation cost in India. If the clinic is located in the posh area, then, it is obvious to expect higher costs due to the advanced infrastructure and amenities provided to the patients. Whether it is the usage of advanced technology, use of effective tools or other facilities that regular clinics do not include in their plan also contribute to the final cost of the Lasik eye surgery. 

3.  Post-operative care offered by the clinic

It is viable to monitor the condition of the eye after the surgery for at least a few weeks or as recommended by the ophthalmologist. Alternatively, depending on the severity and execution of the laser eye surgery, the post-operative care is planned in a well-tailored way for the patient. This customized routine, observation, follow-ups, remedies to cope with the discomfort or healing phase or any other medical advice required by the patient are some of the aspects that get covered in the post-operative care offered by the eye clinic. These aspects in turn, influence the budget which can be expected for Lasik surgery cost in Delhi.

However,It is worth understanding that post-operative or after-care services offered by the eye clinic may be a part of additional services related to Lasik treatment cost in India. Thus, it indicates that choosing these services or not is totally a patient’s decision. Based on this decision, the cost of Lasik treatment in India for permanent vision correction is adjusted accordingly. In case you are apprehensive about getting these post-operative services included in your treatment or not, then, understand the severity of refractive issues being treated. In short, if the multiple complications have been addressed and treated by the ophthalmologist, then, you must opt for after-care services for effective and long-term results.

4.  Type of hospital and its amenities

Not every hospital is the same in terms of size, facilities, type of services and other aspects. Basically, government, charitable and private eye care hospitals have a peculiar way of addressing the Lasik considerations. Hence, the expenses incurred in the treatment differs in their respective plan. On the other hand, it is worth noticing the private hospital with huge in-campus facilities, advanced resources and multiple ways of completing the process contribute to the final laser-assisted eye surgery cost in India. On comparing the aforementioned hospital options to consider, private eye care hospitals are likely to charge higher fee than the other two.

How much does Lasik eye surgery cost in India?

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