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Vision correction is the chief concern that improves the quality of life. Due to many issues, people experience poor vision and face discomfort. In order to address this objective, Lasik eye surgery has been prevalent in ophthalmology. With the help of advanced technology, the latest tools, and extensive experience, the surgeons ensure guaranteed results for the patient. In case, you have been wondering about Lasik eye surgery cost in India, below are the top recommendations for choosing the best laser eye centres based in India.

Factors Influencing the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India

What Does Lasik Treatment Cost in India?


Lasik eye surgery employs efforts, precision, and in-depth knowledge to attain excellent results. Therefore, the Lasik eye surgery cost in India for vision correction may range somewhere between INR 35,000 to INR 1,35,000 approximately. Well, the basic fact is the pre-surgery evaluation, consultation, budget of the patient and the scale pre-defined by the hospital suggests that Lasik eye surgery cost in India may be variable. Most of all, it depends on the reports of the test, communication between the patient and the doctor, and other phases of medical assessment.

In addition, there are some tests that have to be conducted before the Lasik eye operation. Hence, the price of these tests is also included in the final bill of the patient. These tests are carried out prior to Lasik eye surgery and include:

  • Topography: It is the process to measure the curve of the eye, wherein, mapping the cornea for further evaluation is considered.

  • Wavefront analysis: This test is aimed at identifying the major factors causing poor vision and accordingly, the doctors visualize all the problems faced by the patient.

  • Dry eye test: Moistness of the eyes is checked as a part of this test and the likelihood of dry eyes gets examined before the Lasik surgery.

  • Cycloplegic refraction: The objective of this test is to understand refractive issue(s) of the eyes.

  • Pupil measurement: Lasik surgery demands the correct pupil size for achieving desired results. Hence, this test is a part of pre-surgery vision assessment as larger pupils lead to complications in the vision after surgery.

  • Pachymetry: With the help of a pachymeter, the thickness of the affected eye is evaluated.


Not sure how to get a definite outcome after undergoing the Lasik eye surgery? Well, It should be understood that eye specialists with profound knowledge adopt the ethical and promising approach. It leads to transparent communication with the patient which the prominent eye care hospitals will touch upon the Lasik eye surgery cost in India.


If you are looking for the top recommendations for the Best Lasik surgery Hospitals where you can avail the comprehensive and successful Lasik treatment, then, AIIMS and EYE 7 Hospitals are worth investing in. Lastly, you should always remember that eyes are very sensitive and thus, seeking assistance for Lasik should be carried after in-depth research about the hospital, facilities, cost and the time of healing as well as the post-surgery after-care options.

Every individual has unique issues related to eyes and it becomes necessary to evaluate the condition of the patient before recommending him the treatment. When the patient turns out to be an eligible candidate for the Lasik surgery, then, estimating the cost is a prime consideration.
Let’s take a look at some of the important factors that influence the Lasik eye surgery cost in India


1. Latest tools used for Lasik Surgery: With the advent of technology, medical science has attained a giant leap in addressing most of the issues of the patients. In terms of Lasik surgery, the use of latest tools and technology acts as one of the common factors to assess the cost of the services offered by the hospital for vision correction. For Example- Contoura Vision Lasik Eye Surgery may cost more than the standard Lasik procedure. 

2. Location where the clinic is situated: If you are choosing the eye care services from a hospital located in a posh locality, then, definitely, the Lasik treatment cost in India in such clinics will be comparatively high. Since these hospitals are set up in bigger cities, they offer more facilities that cover the higher price of Lasik eye operation as compared to the clinics in smaller cities.

3. Post-surgery care: The role of the surgeon and ophthalmologist does not end immediately after the completion of eye surgery. On the contrary, the top hospitals dedicated to serving eye care treatment design a pre-planned routine for the patients as a part of post-surgery care. Nevertheless, some of the steps in the observation, care, and remedies may differ depending on the extent of healing required in the case of the patient. Thus, the hospitals which offer post-eye surgery care have a higher budget for Lasik operation cost in India.

It should be noted that after-care solutions for patients who have undergone Lasik eye surgery may be an add-on to the treatment. It further implicates that opting for or not availing of this service can depend on the consent of the patient. On a practical note, if you have undergone eye surgery with multiple complications, then, it will be advisable to get post-surgery aftercare services added to your package of Lasik treatment for better results.

4. Hospital size and amenities offered to the patients: There may be some government eye care clinics that may be managed by some or the other charitable trusts to support the expenses borne out of the daily surgeries. In fact, this endeavor often keeps in mind the convenient accessibility of the patients, so that, they don’t end up increasing their budget massively. On the other hand, private eye care clinics have to allocate resources, facilitate the staff with basic amenities on a regular basis. Thus, if the hospital size is larger than other eye clinics and managed privately, then, the Lasik surgery cost in India is likely to be higher.

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