SMILE is an acronym that stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.  SMILE is also very popularly known as "Small Flap" or "Flapless Lasik"
SMILE utilises the use one laser - Femtosecond laser to cut a slice of tissue in the cornea. This slice of tissue is called a lenticule. The surgeon then dissects this lenticule in two planes and extracts it out through another incision. The whole process takes about 20-30 mins for both eyes.
How does removing a lenticule correct spectacle power?
When the lenticule is removed from the cornea, it causes change in shape of cornea by causing flattening of the corneal curvature, which corrects the power of the eye.
What is the range of correction in SMILE?
SMILE is approved by US-FDA for correction of Myopic (minus power) upto 8 Diopters and cyinder (astigmatism) upto 0.5 Diopters.. SMILE cannot correct hyperopic (plus power) and pure cylinder (astigmatic) powers.
Recovery in SMILE
In SMILE procedures, recovery is usually slower than LASIK and Contoura procedures. While in LASIK and Contoura procedures, recovery is immediate, in SMILE it may take upto 7 days to fully recover.
How safe is SMILE?
SMILE is a very safe procedure and is also US-FDA Approved. However, one must undergo pre laser workup tests to be finally declared for the procedure.
Cost of SMILE surgery?
SMILE surgery generally cost around  90,000 to 1,10,000 INR for both eyes.
Smile Laser Eye Surgery
Smile Laser Eye Surgery is an advanced technique for specs removal. Many hospitals in Delhi offer this service. However, Plan My Lasik is the best hospital for laser eye surgery in Delhi which provides a comprehensive eye exam with an experienced eye doctor and a consultation with a refractive surgeon. Research shows SMILE Lasik produces offer virtually the same visual acuity as LASIK for the correction of nearsightedness. Visual recovery in SMILE Lasik Surgery is slow as compared to CONTOURA and other Lasik procedures. However, Plan My Lasik is decked with best recognized equipments and offers best practice in Smile Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi.




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