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lasik laser eye surgery

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Delhi

​Lasik has become one of the popular procedures that address all refractive issues. Also known as Laser refractive surgery, this treatment uses advanced technology for improving the eyesight of the candidate.

Laser-assisted keratomileusis or Lasik eye surgery in Delhi is a reliable and permanent treatment for spectacles removal.

As a part of this procedure, a highly advanced type of laser is used by the eye surgeon to mark corneal changes. The cornea, the transparent tissue located at the front of the eye gets altered during the Lasik procedure for vision correction.

Normal vision is gained when the functioning of the cornea, refracting light into the retina when the individual undergoes laser-assisted eye surgery, Lasik.

Every candidate has unique vision improvement goals, hence, the chief symptoms of eyesight complaints are addressed by the ophthalmologist. Whether it is near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism, all the refractive issues faced by an individual are effectively treated by the lasik surgery specialists in Delhi. The prime objective of the procedure carried out by Lasik specialists is to enable patients to get rid of spectacles of contact lenses and experience clear vision.

Factors Influencing the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India

If you are suffering from any of these refractive issues, then, Lasik surgery in Delhi will be an ideal solution to count on:

Myopia (Nearsightedness):


In this condition, the eyeball is longer than average size or the corneal curve is too sharp. This results in light rays being focused on the retina leading to vision impairment. In short, the person cannot focus on the objects at a distance.


Hyperopia (Farsightedness):


In this condition, the eyeball is comparatively short or the cornea is too flat. Hence, the light focused behind the retina and not on it. As a consequence of this eyesight issue, near and far vision, and blurred view can be experienced by the candidate.




In this condition, the candidate cannot focus on nearby and far objects. It is due to the flattened cornea or uneven corneal curvature that causes refractive issues.

​If you are unsure about the LASIK laser eye surgery cost and want to get rid of prescribed spectacles or contact lenses, then, seeking consultation for laser eye surgery in Delhi will be the ideal option. After addressing the factors causing refractive issues and checking your eligibility for Lasik, the eye specialist will proceed with the treatment, accordingly.


You must be wondering about the budget estimate included in the Lasik surgery cost in Delhi procedure. Will it be too expensive? Are there any hidden costs? Will the aftercare costs be included in the laser eye surgery cost? If these questions are something you want to get addressed before undergoing Lasik treatment, then check out the following factors that influence the laser eye surgery cost in India:

Latest tools and technology used for the Lasik procedure

  1.  Latest tools and technology used for the Lasik procedureIn order to make laser-assisted eye surgery successful, advanced tools and technology need to be counted on. If the top eye care hospital is chosen, then, it is apparent that the Lasik eye surgery in Delhi procedure over there will use state-of-art facilities to execute the procedure. Since the permanent vision correction, Lasik eye surgery needs to be carried out with the utmost precision, world-class tools, and improved technology are blended together to complete the procedure.

  2.  After careful observation and medication recommended by the doctorThe completion of laser eye surgery is not the end of treatment. On the contrary, the aftercare observation and prescribed medication also add up to the lasik laser eye surgery in Delhi. It further implies that the follow-up sessions, medicines, and other post-operative care advice should also be considered while planning to allocate the budget for laser-assisted eye surgery.

  3.  Location of the eye clinic and its reputation in the marketWith the help of advanced medical amenities, improved treatment options, and other patient care services, the eye clinics located in the posh area will charge a higher fee.

  4.  Modern amenities and the type of infrastructure in the hospital On a practical note, if better laser eye centre in delhi options and medical facilities are provided by the hospital, then, the final cost of Lasik eye surgery in Delhi will be higher as compared to the other clinics.

​How much does Lasik surgery cost in Delhi?


The expertise of the medical team, the latest technology, and modern infrastructure contribute to the final cost of laser eye surgery in Delhi. The excellent results of permanent vision correction with the help of advanced lasers are planned and tailored according to the unique requirements of the patient. The estimated Lasik surgery cost in Delhi ranges between Rs. 35, 000 to Rs. 1,35000 depending on the severity of refractive issues faced by the candidate. Additionally, the initial examinations of the eye such as topography, dry eye test, wavefront analysis, and cycloplegic refraction test are performed by the ophthalmologist to understand the overall condition of the eye(s) before recommending the lasik surgery in Delhi. Alternatively, the total cost involved in laser-assisted eye surgery also depends on the provisions, follow-up sessions, and customized plans prepared by the ophthalmologist. But, it will be ideal to seek consultation from one of the top eye care specialists to get the best results of vision correction.

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