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Contoura Vision Surgery Cost In India

Are you suffering from eye disorders from a long time and power spectacles is not helping you much, then, permanent vision correction is recommended. With the advent of technology, laser-assisted and other advanced procedures of restoring vision are being carried out by the top eye surgeons in India. Over the past few years, contoura vision is also being recognized as the ideal treatment to address refractive issues. Prior to investing on this option, exploring aspects like contoura vision surgery cost in Delhi and infrastructure of the clinic are worth exploring. Here are some important highlights about the treatment that you must consider.

Advantages of Contoura Vision Eye Surgery over LASIK and SMILE

After undergoing contoura vision eye surgery, you can experience clear and sharp vision. This treatment offers better results than standard vision corrections. In fact, contoura vision surgery in Delhi ensures the problems of glares and halos around the lights get reduced after the procedure. With the help of this eye surgery, the irregularities of optics and cornea are treated effectively. On the other hand, over 65 per cent of patients who have undergone contoura vision surgery have attained 6/6 level of vision correction. When it comes to comparing this treatment with LASIK and SMILE eye surgery options, contoura vision has multiple advantages. Less dependency on contact lenses is the major advantage of this eye surgery.

Scope of vision correction

Contoura vision, the USFDA approved eye surgery addresses all the refractive issues to achieve 6/6 correction level. After evaluating all the points of abnormalities with the help of laser, a detailed and well-tailored corneal map is created through topography.

Advanced Technology

Unlike the conventional eye surgery options that map only 200 points on the cornea, Contoura Vision surgery in Delhi covers 22000 corneal points. The advanced technology is used by the surgeons for executing topography-guided Lasik surgery or contoura vision.

Lesser side-effects

As compared to the SMILE and Lasik eye surgery options, contoura vision correction surgery has lesser side-effects. Moreover, due to the lesser tissue damage during the treatment, the healing period of these minimal after-effects of this surgery is quicker!

Better visual acuity and refractive results

Even though, Lasik eye surgery may have shown excellent results in addressing the refractive issues, Contoura Vision offers improved visual acuity and better results. The microscopic contours observed during the treatment through computer-assisted topography make the refractive results better.

Corneal Irregularities Removal

Contoura vision, the topography-assisted laser eye surgery treatment is USFDA approved laser eye surgery option that uses a Topolyser to mark and remove corneal irregularities. Contoura vision has higher power to address refractive issues as compared to other vision correction procedures. As a part of the procedure, optically smooth surface is created on the cornea. It further enhances the visual quality and sharpness of the cornea. This eye surgery is painless as it does not involve the use of blade, stitches or injection. In addition, contoura vision also treats the corneal curvature apart from other irregularities




Safety meets accuracy in the contoura vision eye surgery in Delhi when it comes to treating advanced vision irregularities.

Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery is the safest and US-FDA approved treatment available at a clinic near you!









Visual Axis Treatment

Among all the eye treatment options, contoura vision Lasik surgery in India solely treats visual axis according to unique requirements. However, the prime focus of other surgeries is pupillary axis of the eye during the vision correction procedure. The natural seeing axis is determined through the visual axis of eyes. Contoura vision surgery offers the sharpest vision and unmatched results.

Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery is the only treatment in the world that is designed to treat on your visual axis, all the other eye surgeries are performed on the pupillary axis of the eye. This visual axis is the natural seeing axis of the eyes and this treatment results in the sharpest possible vision, unmatched by any other laser procedure.

Treatment Of Corneal Irregularities

Visual Axis Treatment

Reduced Difficulty In Night Driving


Super Human Vision



  1. This treatment offers up to or more 6/6 vision

  2. It saves eye tissues and improves the corneal strength

  3. It is ideal for treating visual axis

  4. Immediate visual recovery is attained

  5. 5The scope of re-treatment is safe and easy


  1. Normal 6/6 vision is attained through this eye surgery

  2. Corneal strength is improved partially after SMILE surgery

  3. It is not suitable for treating issues related to visual axis

  4. Instant recovery cannot be expected, even though it’s fast

  5. Retreatment proves to be unsafe & inconvenient

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