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What Is Silk Eye Surgery? Which Eye Surgeon Is Best For Silk Laser Eye Surgery?

Eye surgeries have become increasingly popular in recent times. Thanks to technological advancements, people now have access to a wide range of laser surgery options that can effectively correct refractive errors.

One of the most advanced eye surgeries includes SILK eye surgery in India.

If you want to know more about SILK eye surgery, then you are reading the right post. In this post, we shall discuss everything, from the essentials of SILK eye treatment to its advantages to help you get insights and make an informed decision. 

More often than not, people look for laser treatments that ensure zero or minimal damage. In that instance, embracing laser methods for treating the most sensitive part of the body is undoubtedly a better choice. So, without any hesitation, you can prefer the advanced eye surgery techniques.

What's your opinion? Still, hesitated! That's not an issue because thinking twice before initiating any process shows that you are wiser. However, you can get clarity on Silk eye surgery in India in this article. 

Let's get started.

Silk Eye Surgery: An Overview 

SILK is abbreviated as Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis. The main objective of any eye-laser treatment is to provide clear vision. However, the methodology varies according to the surgery.

In Silk eye surgery, surgeons create a lenticule (a small disc-shaped piece of tissue) in the deep layers of the cornea that is responsible for eye power. Then, it is carefully removed after reshaping the cornea. Silk eye surgery in India stands out from other procedures due to various factors.

Want to know about them? Continue reading for a more in-depth knowledge of SILK eye surgery, along with its benefits. 

Advantages Of Silk Eye Surgery 

Silk eye surgery is one of the most advanced and minimally invasive eye surgeries. It offers enormous benefits to individuals who undergo this eye surgery. Let's know about them in this section.

Fast Recovery

One of the highly notable advantages of Silk eye surgery is fast recovery. Yes, patients can resume their work within 24 hours after the surgery. So, without worrying about hectic schedules, you can choose this advanced laser treatment.

Minimally Invasive 

Another major benefit of silk eye surgery in India is that it eliminates the flapping that is commonly followed in other LISAK eye surgeries. Moreover, it is a gentle procedure and includes minor incisions, which leads to less discomfort and a quick healing process.

Free From Eyewear 

Wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses is a tiresome job for people. With Silk eye surgery, people can get rid of their eyewear and lead a happier life. Getting rid of eyewear helps people improve both their appearance and self-confidence.


Another notable advantage of SILK eye treatment is its biocompatibility. Yes, Silk surgery prefers natural materials instead of using harmful artificial materials. Thus, it is biocompatible.

Clear vision 

People who have undergone SILK eye surgery in India claim to have clearer vision. Yes, once the treatment is over, you can get a high-definition view on your own. Silk eye surgery ensures perfect vision without any reliance on prescription glasses or contact lenses. 

Reduce Risk Of Dry Eyes 

Compared to other advanced laser treatments, Silk eye surgery reduces the risk of dry eyes. Unlike LASIK, which often causes dry eye as a side effect, this procedure improves patients' health in general. This means that you don't have to worry about dry eyes or other side effects that are common with LASIK eye treatment.

Hope these benefits are pretty encouraging to consider Silk eye surgery. However, it is crucial that you choose a reputable eye clinic in India for your Silk eye surgery. The reason for this is that the surgery is highly advanced and requires specialized tools, a state-of-the-art facility, and highly skilled surgeons. Yes, it is crucial that highly qualified surgeons perform the surgery. 

Things To Concise Before Choosing An Eye Surgeon

So far, you've explored the notable benefits of Silk eye surgery in India. Now, it's time to be aware of the essential things before approaching an eye surgeon.


Not only for eye surgeons but also for any specialist, checking their experience or portfolio is undeniably important. Before you choose a surgeon, you need to check your surgeon's license, experience, and credentials. It is essential that the surgeon you choose is experienced enough to perform the surgery. Read reviews, feedback, and testimonials on their website. Also, talk to their past clients and take reviews. 


Once you examine the portfolios, you must visit your surgeon for primary consultation. During your primary consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your condition to determine your eligibility for the procedure. Also, during this time, you can have all your doubts cleared, including the cost of eye surgery and financing options for SILK eye surgery in India. It helps you clarify the doubts and gives a clear outline of the surgery. From this, you can also assess whether or not you're comfortable with the surgeon. 

Attention to detail 

As a patient or visitor, you may have specific complaints about the issues you face. So, a good surgeon must pay attention to those details. During the consultation session, you must notice these things and proceed to ask your doubts. Doing so helps you choose the best eye surgeon.

Patience and Professionalism 

Finally, yet importantly, patience and professionalism are two important aspects of a good eye surgeon for performing successful Silk eye surgery in India. Observe keenly to notice these things, and try to choose an experienced Silk eye surgeon.

Essentials To Be Known In Silk Eye Surgery 

This section is exclusively for the patients who are still in confusion. Given are some of the essentials to be known in Silk eye surgery, so don't miss it!


Age is a highly notable factor, and people who are 18 and above are eligible for Silk eye surgery.

Is Silk Eye Surgery Safe? 

Yes, absolutely! This advanced laser technology reduces the risk and is comparatively pain-free. So, without any hesitation, you can choose this treatment.

Post And Pre Operative Measures 

Following pre and post-operative measures of the Silk eye surgery in India is the most important thing. Doing so not only guarantees improved visual acuity but also eliminates any risks linked to other LASIK procedures. Thus, if you're choosing this treatment, then you must prefer following the pre- and post-care tips.

Follow-Up Appointments 

Another essential thing to ensure is following up on appointments regularly. In addition to this, it is necessary for you to make significant changes in your lifestyle. It includes avoiding watching TV for a few days, spending time on the phone, and so on. Also, it is essential to adhere to the prescribed medications, dietary guidelines, and other important recommendations given by your surgeon.

Last Few Words 

So, there you have it: everything about SILK eye surgery in India. Hope you get clarity on the advanced laser treatment and SILK eye surgery! Embracing new treatments is as important as updating your smartphones. It ensures a smooth treatment experience and improved visual acuity. Most importantly, choose the right surgeon and book a consultation before initiating the treatment. It helps you gain more knowledge about the procedure you undergo. PlanMyLasik offers the best LASIK eye treatments in the Delhi region. We have a team of the best surgeons who are well-versed with the latest advancements, including SILK eye surgery. Contact us for more details! 

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