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What Is Epi-Contoura? Is There Any Difference With Normal Contoura Vision Surgery? What Is The Cost And Where Is It Available?

Vision-related problems can be severe and can affect your lifestyle. However, vision correction treatments have seen massive evolution, and you can get an overwhelming array of options in the domain. The Epi contoura Lasik surgery is one of the most recent additions to the vision correction treatment category. Presently, a debate has gained massive momentum, which compares epi Contoura to Contoura Vision surgery, and the debate is trying to find the better option between the two. In this discussion, we will look into the treatment approach, its benefits, the difference between Contoura vision surgery and the latest Contoura surgery, the cost comparison between the two surgeries, etc.

Epi contoura vision surgery

This new vision correction surgery is one of the most recent additions in the invasive vision correction treatment approaches where It has received approval from the FDA. This surgical approach applies the WFOV imaging module - a certified topography-guided ablation system that tries to provide better Lasik surgery results with fewer side effects and a quick epi contoura recovery time. This surgery is also known as photorefractive keratectomy or PRK. This Lasik surgery is minimally invasive and can treat conditions like astigmatism, farsightedness, and near-sightedness. Even in the domain of epi Contoura surgery, there are two categories - the traditional and the custom PRK treatment. 

Deciphering Epi Contoura

One of the main differences between Epi Contoura and the other Lasik surgery is that the first one has a flapless approach. This surgical approach does not require any surgical incision, and PRK surgery leaves the corneal surface intact in the treatment procedure. In other Lasik surgery, the treatment happens beneath the corneal flap. PRK is a treatment approach that addresses the corneal surface directly. This innovative Contoura surgery technology first maps the imperfections on the cornea curvature and then employs high-precision lasers to reshape the cornea surface. One of the vital features of Epi Contoura that adds to its benefits is its rapid recovery phase. Healing after this Contoura surgery is faster than other Lasik surgeries, and patients can experience better vision within 48 hours of the surgery. The risk percentage involved in epi Contoura is much less than in other Lasik surgery.

Comparing contoura Lasik surgery and Epi contoura surgery

 In recent times, there has been a debate between epi Contoura surgery and Contoura vision Lasik surgery. The debate between PRK and Contoura vision lasik surgery tries to find out the better option between the two surgical choices. Let us understand the comparative analysis between these two options.

·Technology involved: It is needless to say that the technology, medical equipment, and infrastructure that go into the latest and cutting-edge surgery are much more advanced compared to general Contoura vision Lasik surgery. Since this surgery is one of the most recent additions to the domain, it involves much more sophisticated science, which offers greater precision and can handle more complex and critical cases.

·Recovery time: Most patients who wish to opt for a vision corrective surgery look for a surgical procedure with a minimum recovery time phase. All through recovery after Contoura vision corrective Lasik surgery is swift, but the other one can promise a faster recovery as the latter does not include a corneal flap to correct the corneal curvature. Since Epi is not required to make a corneal flap, it can heal much faster than traditional contour vision Lasik surgery, which requires a corneal flap for invasive surgery.

·Safety measures and risk involved: Contoura vision Lasik surgery requires a thin corneal flap to correct the corneal curvature problems. Though Contoura vision Lasik surgery is one of the most effective vision corrective treatments and has a very high success rate, there have been occasional cases of inflammation flap dislodgement and other problems related to the corneal flap after the completion of the surgery. However, since Epi Contoura does not require making any corneal flap, it projects a much slimmer risk factor for the patients appearing for the invasive treatment. Since no slap is made, chances of irregular healing under the flap or infections in the corneal flap region can be negative, and the risk factor goes down by a considerable margin for the patients.

Availability and Costing Comparison

One of the major concerns or points that you must consider when you select between these two surgery options is the cost factor. Since Epi Contoura uses much more recent science, equipment, and medical infrastructure, it is more expensive than Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery. It costs Rs. 35,000 per eye, and if you do the surgery for both eyes, the cost will come to Rs. 70,000. On the other hand, Contoura Vision Lasik surgery will cost Rs. 25,000 for one eye and Rs. 50,000 for both eyes. Factors like the hospital where you are doing the surgery, the doctor doing the surgery, the pre-surgery tests, and the post-surgery care you get from your doctors will determine the overall surgery cost. Advanced Lasik technology and laser equipment assist in optical Lasik surgeries. Hence, you must go to some of the most reputed eye hospitals or nursing homes for the surgery. Do your investigations to know about the various factors that can affect the overall cost of the surgery. Choose your options prudently to get maximum value from the deal. You can always talk to people who have been through vision correction surgeries and can take suggestions from them. People who have been through the surgeries can give you vital inputs regarding the services and the support that can give you better treatment results, comfort, and faster recovery after the surgery. Discuss the information with your doctors to get the correct guidelines for a successful surgical experience and outcome. You can get massive information volume about Epi Contoura surgery and traditional Contoura vision Lasik surgery from the web and other sources like medical journals. 


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