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How To Avoid Dry Eyes After Lasik Or PRK Laser Eye Surgery?

Lasik vision correction surgery is one of the most advanced optic surgery done worldwide. This surgical approach is highly successful and can help in diverse conditions like far-sightedness, near-sightedness, and astigmatism. However, in some health conditions, a patient can experience dry eyes after Lasik as a possible side effect.

Dry eye disorder

If you are new to the subject, dry eye syndrome is an optic disorder where tears are not generated adequately in your eyes to lubricate them correctly. Some patients experience dryness in their eyes because they have unstable, insufficient, and low-quality tear production, which can lead to surface damage and eye inflammation. A tearless eye is a painful and irritating condition where you can experience a burning and stinging sensation in your eyes. Sometimes, Lasik eye surgery patients can also develop dryness and eyes lacking enough tears.

Reasons for fewer tears as Lasik surgery side effect

In Lasik eye surgery, the doctor will make a corneal flap, due to which he can cut or modify your corneal nerves. After the LASIK surgery, you can experience blurred vision. During this time, your eyes will become less sensitive and might not produce the adequate tear volume, otherwise needed to keep your eyes comfortable and moist. After your LASIK surgery, your eyes cannot detect the need to generate enough moisture to heal your eyes. Often, Lasik eye surgery patients have a scarcity of tear production, which leads to eye dehydration syndrome. Due to dry and tearless eyes side effects after Lasik vision correction surgery can lead to eye burning sensation and pain. As a routine procedure, your Lasik surgery specialists in Delhi will always check your eyes for lack of tears before conducting the LASIK eye surgery.

Problem duration

Patients who undergo Lasik eye surgery can experience less eye moisture as a common side effect. However, in most cases, the dryness in the patient’s eye improves within a period of one week to 1 month after the LASIK surgery. In very rare cases, the patient might have to endure for nearly a year time. In the following part of the discussion, we will take a look at some tips that can prevent eye dryness for patients who undergo Lasik eye surgery. These tips can help to improve your eye health after the Lasik vision correction surgery and give you better comfort.

Hydration is vital

Patients who undergo LASIK surgery to prevent dryness in the eye as a side effect must drink plenty of water, fruit juice,s and other forms of fluid to keep their body optimally hydrated. If your body has the right hydration index, it will help your eyes produce enough tears, and prevent eye strain, and offer relief to dehydrated eye irritation.

Correct rest pattern

Sleep is imperative for optimal human health. Correct sleeping hours and patterns boost your overall body health and immunity system and are indispensable for your optic condition. Your LASIK surgeon will always advise you to have adequate rest and sleep before you appear for your LASIK vision correction surgery. Similarly, you must rest adequately after the surgery to heal your eyes as quickly as possible. After the LASIK surgery, once the corneal flap is made, adequate rest and sleeping hours will ensure that the cut on your corneal surface heals quickly, which can prevent the eye from lacking moisture as a side effect of the invasive treatment.

Protect your eyes

Take proper care to protect your eyes after your Lasik vision correction surgery. Do not expose your eyes to harsh and direct sunlight, environmental dust, and pollution. Your doctor will always advise you to use an eye shield or protective eye gear for a few days soon after your Lasik eye surgery. The protective eye gear you wear soon after your Lasik optical surgery has a specific design that will protect your eyes from irritation and infection and prevent less tear production as a side effect of the Lasik eye operation.

Stay away from physical exercise

Your overall body health will always affect your eye health. As a result, your doctor will ask you to abstain from excess physical exercise, workout, gym, etc, for a week after your Lasik eye surgery. Excess physical pressure can lead to dryness in the patient's eye as a possible side effect.

Reduce your screen time

Your eyes naturally tend to produce fewer tears if you stare at any form of the screen for very long hours. Hence, abstain from watching too much television, laptop, computers, or mobile phone screens soon after your LASIK eye surgery. Exposure to screens for very long hours can trigger dryness in the eye in patients who have just undergone Lasik eye surgery.

Apply medicines correctly

Doctors test you successfully for your tendency to develop dehydrated eye syndrome, post your LASIK eye surgery. Based on the test results, your surgeon will prescribe you medicated eye drops or artificial tears, which can prevent and treat dryness of your eye. Follow your doctor's advice regarding the dosage and administration time of the medicated eye drops to treat dryness and soreness in the eye and prevent it successfully. If you feel you require the medicine more frequently than what you are doctor has advised, consult your doctor immediately.

Stay away from harsh weather

Any harsh weather is not conducive to your eye health soon after your LASIK eye surgery. Stay away from excess cold weather just as you stay away from excess heat, harsh sun rays, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun to prevent dry vision syndrome after your Lasik eye.

Eat healthy

Your diet can help your eye health soon after your LASIK vision correction surgery. Food items like nuts, fish, plant oils, and seeds are best for healthy eye conditions and can help your eye to produce adequate tears. Eat food rich in omega-3 fatty acids as it will improve your intraocular drainage by producing more fluids in your eye to keep your eyes moist, clean, and heal quickly. Eat water-rich food like muskmelon, watermelon, vegetables, fruit juices, milk, etc.


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