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Top 10 Lasik Hospitals In India To Improve Refractive Error

There are many patients suffering from refractive problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. One better option to avail is Lasik surgery. Eyeglasses are generally used for treating such vision problems. However, a good number of patients eager to get rid of their glasses or contact lenses or have high eye powers prefer undergoing LASIK surgery.

Why avail LASIK surgery?

This type of surgery is known to offer very high success. At the same time, it is considered to be a successful, safe, and affordable procedure. But to derive the benefits offered by this surgery, you need to choose the best clinic or hospital offering top-quality Smile laser eye surgery in Delhi. This way, you can enjoy clear eyesight without using glasses!

Increasing popularity

Indian hospitals have managed to install and use the latest technology to provide quality care and treatment to their patients. They are at par with their advanced Western counterparts. However, the rates charged here are quite cheap, without compromising on the quality aspect. This is the reason why NRIs and even foreigners from all over the world are coming here to get LASIK surgery.

What exactly is LASIK surgery all about?

LASIK stands for ‘Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis’. Surgery is considered to be the best way to enhance the vision of those suffering from astigmatism, hypermetropia, or myopia. Refractive errors cause eye diseases like farsightedness and nearsightedness. It occurs generally when light rays fail to strike the retina region (the eye’s inner layer). In the Lasik procedure, a laser is used for reshaping the cornea region enabling light to focus on the retina.

Is Lasik's surgical procedure 100% successful?

It is necessary to understand that no surgical procedure is termed to be 100% effective. However, LASIK is claimed to have the highest satisfaction and success rates when compared to other elective procedures. Around 96% of LASIK patients enjoy better vision and satisfaction after availing of treatment. Studies revealed that 70-90 percent of LASIK patients enjoy 20/20 vision after this surgery.

Top 10 Lasik hospitals in India

· PlanMyLasik: This medical institution offers its patients the most advanced, latest, and safest technique to remove specs. They are based in New Delhi and have three decades of expertise. They offer Contoura, Smile, and LASIK treatments at affordable rates. The Lasik surgery specialists and staffs there are quite friendly and cooperative and make patients quite comfortable. They are among the top LASIK hospitals in the country.

· Sankara Nethralaya: This non-profitable eye hospital offers LASIK surgery techniques. They have experienced LASIK surgeons using cutting-edge technologies. Several reputed newspapers have praised this hospital for providing top medical facilities to its patients. It claims to have all the modern equipment necessary to carry out the procedure safely and to provide the best results.

· AIIMS: Named after the first Indian president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, this ophthalmic science centre is established in 1967. Its objective is to offer better education and healthcare in an ophthalmic science subject. It is also among the top government-run LASIK hospitals in the country. It offers a wide range of services like Inpatient services, clinical laboratories, National Eye Bank, etc. Booking is also easy.

· JJ Hospital: This hospital was established in Mumbai by a philanthropist named Sir Jmsetjee Jejeebhoy. This popular hospital provides LASIK surgery at affordable rates. The poor are also offered free LASIK treatment. It is among the country’s top non-profit hospitals that take patient care and treatment seriously. However, booking needs to be done in advance as their rush all the time.

· Apollo Hospital: This multispecialty hospital was established in 1983 at Greams Road in Chennai. Besides LASIK surgery, it offers other vital specialties like bones, cancer, heart disease, and ophthalmology. Week Magazine had given it the title of ‘India’s Best Pvt. Sector Hospital’. It has the best tools and resources to provide top-quality eye care. Their qualified doctors manage LASIK successfully and carefully.

· Fortis Hospital: Fortis Memorial Research Inst. has been established in 1996 at Gurugram, NCR region of Delhi. It has skilled eye surgeons who treat patients effectively and precisely. Moreover, there are offered a wide range of services like emergency care, ambulances, 24-hour pharmacy, blood bank, etc. It is known to provide medical care of the highest caliber in a considerate, moral way.

· Eye Q Hospital: This licensed eye organization offers excellent eye care to its patients. They rectify sight including minute ocular abnormalities. Previously, they used outdated laser adjustments to treat spherical and cylindrical shapes. But recently they have updated to the Zyoptix technique. The latter offers more effectiveness and safety and promises to boost vision even during night times.

· Eyemantra: This hospital offers a thorough eye exam that helps determine if the patient is an excellent candidate to undergo LASIK surgery or not. The specialists here have more than a decade of expertise in providing LASIK treatments. It is counted among the top facilities to offer Lasik laser surgery in NCR and Delhi region. The expert ophthalmologists here offer ICL, Contoura, SMILE, and LASIK procedures.

· Shroff Eye Centre: It was set up in 1919 and got accreditation by the USA-based Joint Commission International. It is also considered to be Mumbai’s first eye hospital to treat specific conditions like keratoconus. For this, it uses the latest technologies and techniques. This hospital is also considered to be the country’s initial facility to use ‘Wavelight 500Hz Concerto’, the fastest as well as the most cutting-edge technology.

· Asian Eye Institute and Laser Centre: This laser eye hospital is ISO 9001-2008 certified. The doctors here treat different types of vision-related problems. It includes LASIK surgery, cataract surgery, phaco cataract surgery, laser eye therapy, corneal transplant, etc. Younger age groups can get treatment and get freedom from glasses by availing of LASIK surgery.

Select a hospital wisely

The above are the top 10 hospitals in India that are popular for providing their patients with top-quality LASIK eye surgery. The eye is undoubtedly one of the important organs of the body. Hence, you need to take proper care of it. But if you suffer from vision problems, you should visit the best hospital to avail immediate treatment. The best surgeons will ensure you can see again clearly without glasses.

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