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The number of patients undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi throughout the year for vision correction is countless. Even though Lasik surgery is a standard laser procedure for treating refractive issues, estimating the Lasik surgery cost in Delhi is the topmost concern that every individual may reflect over. Being the primary concern, the price is evaluated on the basis of various factors, and the facilities of the hospital influence the overall billing system generated at the time of patient discharge. Hence, if you are planning to undergo surgery for getting rid of spectacles permanently, then, you should know that the outcome of Laser Eye surgery in Delhi is definite. In fact, in rare cases, post-treatment complications may arise, but the chances of such issues are minimal.

Let us explore the other aspects along with the cost of Lasik surgery in Delhi followed by its merits and scope for the patients.

How much is the Lasik Surgery Cost in Delhi?

Is the Premium Lasik Expensive?


Who can undergo Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi?

A person who is above 18 years and faces issues like near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism has to undergo physical examination carried out by the ophthalmologist. There are a series of tests that determine whether the candidate can be considered eligible for Lasik surgery in Delhi or not.

Following are the eligibility criteria for Lasik eye surgery in Delhi-

1. You should be more than 18 years: You will be eligible for Lasik surgery if you are more than 18 years. In any case, if you are found to be younger than 18 years, then, Lasik treatment will not be recommended in your case.


2. Stable Vision Prescription: Based on your past visits to the ophthalmologist and eye drops or any other medication, the surgeons need to get a stable vision prescription in order to proceed with the Lasik surgery in Delhi.


3. No Dry Eyes’ Indication: Dry eyes can interrupt the proper outcome of the Laser surgery further leading to complications in the procedure. Thus, there should not be any dry eyes’ indication when the Lasik surgery plan is carried out.


4. Overall Good Health: Doctors will prescribe some basic tests to examine your health and after it gets established through the report that you are healthy, then, the operation is planned ahead. Along with the sessions included, Lasik Surgery Cost in Delhi and other factors are understood by the patient.


5. Thickness of Cornea: Thin or uneven cornea may disqualify you from undergoing Lasik surgery. On the contrary, the thickness of the cornea will be a plus factor to give you a thumbs up for laser eye surgery.

In India, the cost of Lasik surgery starts from INR 35,000 and may be estimated up to INR 1,35,000 depending on the severity of the eye surgery. Besides, there are certain factors that determine the Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in India. The amenities offered by the clinic also influence the cost of laser eye surgery. There are many eye hospitals in Delhi that may charge a comparatively low amount.

The technology used in Lasik Surgery also influences the total price of Laser Eye Surgery in Delhi. The more advanced the technology being used, the higher the price range. Latest tools and equipment cost higher which in turn increases the cost for the patient as well.

But there are some eye clinics that may charge higher prices after finalizing the treatment. Thus, you must be familiar with all such things prevalent in India with respect to Lasik surgery. The surgeon should perform an evaluation of the eye before quoting the price.  

It should be noted that Lasik is suitable for individuals who have healthy eyes and overall good health. This indicates that there might be no side effects after the surgery. In addition, it is easy to avoid problems, if all the conditions and points of significance related to Lasik surgery are understood in a timely manner.

Even though the Premium Lasik technology appears to be expensive at first glance, you must be aware of the fact that these costs in India are only a fraction of the costs outside the country. In fact, even in the state-of-the-art eye hospitals in India, the technology is significantly cheaper than elsewhere abroad.

There are several advantages of selecting the premium Lasik eye surgery in Delhi as this laser surgery offers clearer vision. Here are some of the reasons behind the effectiveness of laser surgery for eyes:

  • There will be absolutely no issues or qualms related to equipment, blade, or lasers used in the surgery. In fact, there is no scope of complications related to blade.

  • Precision and safety are maintained throughout the Lasik eye surgery in Delhi

  • Since the wound healing factors are focused on, there is very lesser likelihood of infection and visual rehabilitation is better.

  • Vision is restored in almost all the cases and this super vision gets attained in over two-thirds of the individuals undergoing Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery.

  • Haloes, ghost images and dry eyes effects decrease after the session of Lasik surgery.

  • Robotic procedure with automated mechanism and computerized system are utilized in this laser-assisted eye surgery.

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