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How Is Silk Pro Surgery Better Than Silk Eye Surgery?

You may require surgery to correct eyesight problems. SILK Pro is a revolutionary technology that is fast gaining popularity around the world. This leading refractive surgery removes spectacle with lasers. It combines Contoura topography correction with Elita-Silk femtosecond laser technology. Thus, it offers diverse enhancements to provide high-quality vision correction standards. 

Technological advancements and Innovations

  • Bridgeless Tissue Resection: SILK Pro features invisible gaps between different laser spots that are approximately 1 µm. Thus, it allows cutting tissue continuously with minimal bridges. It reduces post-operative inflammation and manual intervention during surgery. It has an edge over conventional techniques, like Contoura, SMILE, LASIK, and SILK. 

  • Unparalleled power and precision: Silk Pro has adopted the unique Elite Silk-femtosecond laser technology. It is presently the most sophisticated and the fastest technology globally. It has an impressive low energy usage of about 40 to 90 nJ per pulse. Its pulse frequency is high at 10 MHz, ultra-short pulse duration of 100 to 200 fs, and small spot size of approximately 1 1 µm.

  • Stability and flap creation: It develops a unique side-cut multilayered flap. This laser technology precisely minimizes flap-related issues. Thus, it results in enhanced safety and superior vision quality. A smooth dissection plane helps strengthen flap adherence, thus paralleling flapless procedure safety, like SILK.

  • Ultra-low energy impact: This particular feature reduces the occurrence of DLK (diffuse lamellar keratitis) which is a commonly occurring post-surgical inflammation. This technology ensures less complicated and more rapid recovery.

  • Reduced immune response: SILK Pro’s refined laser technology helps diminish keratocyte activation. It lowers the immune response in the body post-surgery. It is crucial for quicker visual recovery and accelerated healing. 

Superior vision quality and preserving nerve integrity

  • Unmatched vision correction: SILK Pro laser technology is combined with Contoura topography to offer precise correction results. It includes exceptional visual acuity of 6/4 supervision and depth perception. Thus, it surpasses existing procedures. 

  • Diminished nerve impact: Its advanced techniques cause a minimal effect on nerves. It is essential for effective healing and quick recovery. Search the web or consult the professionals for more details on Silk eye surgery in India.

Imaging and Diagnostic Breakthroughs

  • Refined side cut procedure: The laser uses ultra-low energy to enable multilayered side cut. It helps minimize keratocyte damage and scarring. Detailed confocal microscopy reveals it in detail. 

  • Innovative scanning techniques: State-of-the-art microscopy techniques and scanners have confirmed stromal bed smoothness in SILK Pro. It ensures superior vision quality and reduces flap-induced abrasions. 

Surgery procedure

  • The surgeon performs a comprehensive eye exam before the surgery. The purpose is to evaluate existing eye health and measure refractive error.

  • Local anesthesia is applied to the eye. It ensures the patient is comfortable and does not panic during the procedure. 

  • The surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to create a tiny, disc-shaped tissue within the cornea region. It is called lenticule. it helps correct refractive errors and reshapes the cornea. 

  • Then, a small incision is made through which the lenticule is gently removed. An incision created is much smaller than the LASIK-created flap. No stitches are required following the incision in SILK Pro.

  • After removing the lenticule, the cornea is reshaped. It helps correct refractive errors. It adjusts the corneal tissue’s shape. 

Benefits of SILK Pro surgery

  • No flap complications: This advanced medical technology does not require creating corneal flaps. Hence, no risks are there involving flap-related complications. 

  • Minimally invasive: This procedure is minimally invasive, thus diminishing risks of complications and infections. It is completely safe for all patients eligible for this procedure. 

  • Ideal for most patients: SILK Pro surgery suits diverse patient profiles. It includes those who are not eligible for LASIK surgery or those with thin corneas. The qualified surgeon will determine your eligibility.

  • Less dry eyes: Compared to other eye surgery procedures like LASIK, SILK Pro results in diminished risks of developing dry eyes. It is safe and recommended by doctors around the world. 

Revolutionary technology in refractive surgery

It is without doubt that SILK Pro has emerged as a leader among other eye procedures performed globally. It is considered the new gold standard concerning refractive surgery. It is the pinnacle of refractive spectacle removal and LASIK Surgery. It is a minimally invasive, refined solution. Besides enhancing efficacy and procedural safety, it redefines eye correction expectations. 

SILK or SILK Pro surgery?

Both deliver exceptional results. The choice to make depends on your individual needs and eligibility. SILK Pro suits those with significant HOAs, corneal irregularities, and spectacle power. It offers comprehensive correction capabilities. On the other hand, SILK suits those with HOAs or minimal corneal irregularities. 


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