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Is LASIK Surgery Safe? Does LASIK Permanently Fix Eyes?

Updated: Mar 18

To begin, let's have a conversation about what the LASIK operation is. Laser-Assisted In Situ

Keratomileusis is what it stands for in this context. The cornea of your eye is reshaped with a

laser during this type of surgery, which is performed to repair various types of refractive

problems. It can encompass both nearsightedness and farsightedness, in addition to


The risk-free nature of the operation

Is Contoura vision lasik surgery risk-free to carry out? In a nutshell, the answer is "yes," and

the operation is risk-free. According to the Food and Drug Administration, it has a patient

satisfaction rate of 96%. Despite this, some dangers are still associated, just like with any

other type of surgery

Possible dangers

The operation may not completely correct your vision, which is one of its associated risks.

After surgery, some patients may still require corrective lenses, such as glasses or contacts.

Additionally, some patients may wake up after surgery with dry eyes. On the other hand,

these complications are unusually uncommon.

The significance of selecting the appropriate medical provider

There is no shadow of a doubt that selecting the appropriate surgeon is of the utmost

importance. It would be best to look for a surgeon with previous experience who meets all

of the requirements. You should inquire, read reviews, and conduct a study before deciding

on a contoura vision lasik surgery. Because we are talking about your vision, you must take

your time and locate the ophthalmologist who is the best fit for you.

Making preparations for the operation

You may do several things to get ready for the operation if you want to go through with it.

For instance, before the procedure, you must refrain from wearing contact lenses for a

predetermined time. As a result of the surgery, your eyesight will be hazy for some time;

therefore, lasik surgery specialists in Delhi will say you will need to make arrangements for

someone to drive you home after the procedure.

Recovery following the surgical procedure

Following the procedure, you must give yourself some time to rest and get better. In the

short term, you might experience some blurriness in your vision; however, this should

improve over the next few days. To give your eyes the time they need to recover, you must

refrain from activities such as swimming and strenuous activity for a little while.

Is the operation safe?

Is the LASIK surgical procedure safe? The short answer is yes; in most cases, it is safe.

However, similar to the topic with any other type of surgical procedure, some potential risks

are still involved. Searching for the appropriate surgeon and allowing sufficient time to

prepare for the operation adequately is essential.

Do your eyes get desired vision?

The question that needs to be answered is whether or not LASIK permanently corrects your

eyesight. Your cornea, which is the transparent covering on the front of your eye, will be

remodelled by the surgeon with the assistance of a laser while the procedure is being

performed. After the cornea of your eye has been reshaped, your vision improves.

However, although contoura vision lasik surgery can permanently improve your vision, it is

essential to keep in mind that it does not halt the natural aging process or prevent other eye

conditions from developing later in life. Your eyes will naturally change as you age, and you

may need to start wearing glasses or contacts again. In addition, it cannot prevent cataracts

or glaucoma, which are age-related eye disorders that are very frequent. Therefore, even

though it can fix your vision issues long-term, there is no assurance that you will never

require glasses or contacts again after the procedure.

Complicacies That Might Occur

Even though LASIK is a perfectly safe procedure, there is still a tiny chance that something

could go wrong. Eye dryness, halos around lights, brightness, and double vision are potential

issues that could arise. Eye drops or other treatments can treat these symptoms, which

typically only last briefly. On the other hand, more significant consequences, such as an

infection, corneal scarring, or a loss of vision, can arise in highly unusual circumstances.

However, the risk of experiencing severe complications is relatively low.

How to sustain results from the surgery

It is imperative that you practice proper eye hygiene if you want the results of your LASIK procedure to last. Try not to touch your eyes or put them in situations where they might be exposed to irritants like smoke or dust. When participating in sports or working in environments where eye injury is possible, lasik surgery specialists in Delhi will advise it is essential always to wear protective eyewear. Maintaining a regular eye check-up schedule can allow your eye health to be monitored and any potential issues found at an earlier stage.

Summarising the information

Your eyesight may be permanently corrected after the operation, but this does not mean

that you will never require corrective lenses or glasses again in the future. It is imperative

that you keep in mind that the natural process of aging as well as other eye disorders, might

still have an impact on your eyesight in the years to come. The operation is routine and

perfectly safe, but there is always a possibility that anything could go wrong. Take good care

of your eyes and get checked at regular intervals so that you can keep the progress you've

made. Alternate methods of correcting your vision, such as photorefractive keratectomy

(PRK) or lens implantation, might be recommended by lasik surgery specialists in Delhi in

the event that the eye surgery is not appropriate for your needs.

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