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How much does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Bangalore?

Updated: Mar 18

Lasik eye surgery is a very popular technique to correct visual disorders and get rid of spectacles or contact lenses permanently. The surgery helps in correcting myopia, hyperopia and cures astigmatism. It needs the supervision of an expert ophthalmologist, and it is a critical medical surgery for the eye. Thus, the expense can appear on the higher side. One needs to be aware of the Lasik surgery cost in Bangalore and other essential aspects related to the surgical process before undergoing the surgery.

An Overview of Lasik surgery

Vision problems are highly common these days, and people suffer from various diseases such as- Myopia or near-sightedness, hyperopia or far-sightedness, presbyopia, and others. Patients with these vision disorders undergo the surgery to improve visual acuity. Ophthalmologists use laser technology for reshaping the cornea and improving the visual power. There are different types of surgical technology in a Lasik treatment - Blade-Free Femto Lasik, SBK (Thin Flap) Lasik, Aspheric or Customized Lasik or C-Lasik, and Standard Lasik. The cost depends on which type you choose and other medical facilities.

What does Lasik Surgery Cost in Bangalore?

One may not be able to give an exact number for Lasik Surgery costs in India as it depends on multiple factors. The hospital, surgeon, and other factors determine the overall cost. However, you can obtain an idea if you can identify the cost-influencing factors in the process. You must consider the treatment quality and the expenses to make a wise decision.

  1. The technology in use: As discussed earlier, Lasik surgery involves multiple technologies. The different ways of Lasik surgery are effective for people with varied medical complexities. You need to review the prices of the surgery carefully and decide.

  2. The surgery procedure: The cost can vary with the complexities of laser-based surgery. For instance, blade-less Lasik is the costliest type among the rest for better corneal strength. In contrast, the SBK Lasik process costs average as it is the standard procedure for power rectification.

  3. The City and Location of the Hospital: It is true that the Lasik Surgery Cost in India varies in different cities. Lasik eye surgery cost in Bangalore can start from INR 20,000 and may range up to INR 80,000 or more. The estimate is not a fixed number as it changes with the hospital and the facilities. You need to review the discussed factors and understand the trustworthiness of the clinic.

  4. The hospital facilities: The hospital you choose has a significant role. The facilities at the hospital, infrastructure, hygiene measures, and many more determine the overall budget. You must select the hospital according to the budget.

  5. Aftercare facilities and complications: Lasik surgery is a swift process for vision correction, but the patient needs to follow a few after-surgery guidelines. The hospitals must take responsibility for assisting the patients. Also, some may have complicated medical issues related to their vision or other sensory nerves. They require careful supervision even after surgery. These need to get included in the surgery package and may increase the overall price.

  6. Other essential aspects: The location of the hospital, the experience of the ophthalmologist, clinical facilities, and many more have a significant role. You have to check the offerings of the hospital and the fees of the ophthalmologist to understand the cost factors.

Things to Consider before Undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery in Bangalore

Are you considering the surgical process for rectifying your vision? It is essential to review the qualities of the hospital and the expertise of the doctor. Without the best facilities for medical care and surgical procedures, you cannot expect a perfect outcome. It can permanently damage the vision! So, you have to make a careful decision.

  • The expertise of the doctor: The ophthalmologist you select must have years of experience. With practical experience and in-depth field expertise, the chances of getting the best outcome are more.

  • The hospital infrastructure: With so many different Lasik procedures for vision correction, it can be tricky to select the right one for you. It depends on the doctor and other medical complications. They decide which one is correct for your eyes and vision. Check the infrastructure of the hospital to understand if they can manage the surgical process with professionalism and bring the best outcome.


Do not only go by the prices and decide based on treatment quality. Find a reliable hospital and undergo the surgical process to gain better vision.

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