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Difference Between Contoura And Lasik Surgery And Contoura Vision Surgery

Modern technology plays a crucial role in the growth of medical science and new treatment approaches. Most modern medical treatment procedures are technology driven. The results of technology-driven treatment approaches are safer and offer successful cures for different health issues. Ocular treatment approaches have been improved and advanced by technology-driven treatment options.

Introduction of Laser Technology

Laser technology emerged in 1989 for eye surgeries, but the treatment approach was approved for global use nearly a decade later. Laser surgeries were authorized by medical authorities back in 1999 for treating refractive errors in the cornea. Since the inception and application of laser technology has seen many developments to date. There are different approaches to laser technology eye surgeries. The earliest laser eye surgeries were put to use through the Lasik Surgery method.

Better advancements

Contoura Vision Surgery is the most recent and updated version of laser eye surgery. The Contoura vision Lasik surgery is one of the most effective approaches of invasive ocular treatment applied to treat eye issues of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The different laser technology-oriented eye surgeries help to treat refractive errors where the shape of the cornea is the main issue. However, as Contoura Vision is one the most recent form of laser surgery, there are some marked differences between Contoura Vision and the Lasik approaches.

Understand the similarities

Laser eye surgeries have many grades to them. Lasik eye surgery and Contoura Vision surgeries are parts of the laser eye treatment domain. Lasik, as well as Contoura Vision, make use of laser technology to treat refractive errors in the cornea. Lasik and Contoura Vision can offer any patient a quick surgical procedure, painless surgical experience, improved vision without spectacles and lenses, and a quick and easy recovery. However, this is where the similarities end.

Mapping the difference

Lasik is the earliest form of laser eye surgery, and Contoura Vision is the most recent version. Lasik maps around 2000 points on the human cornea to improve the refractive errors. Contoura Vision, as a treatment method maps 20,000 points, which provides the best vision possible. Lasik surgery corrects your papillary axis for better eyesight, and Contoura Vision treats your visual axis, which offers better treatment quality. Contoura Vision uses better-quality technology which reduces the role of the doctors in the surgery. In Lasik, you can get a 6/6 vision, whereas Contoura Vision gives you a 20/20 vision. Lasik surgeries use blades in the procedure, whereas Contoura Vision does not use surgical blades. In Lasik surgery, some parts of the corneal tissues are removed, which is not the situation in the Contoura Vision approach.

Discerning the best

Contoura Vision involves better technology compared to Lasik Surgery. The precision in Contoura Visio is much higher compared to Lasik Surgery. However, Lasik Surgery is one of the oldest versions of laser technology eye surgeries and is practiced for a longer time than Contoura Vision. The numbers of Lasik Surgeries so far are much more compared to Contoura Vision. However, Contoura Vision is the latest version of laser eye surgery. Contoura Vision is a USFDA-approved eye surgery method that provides better vision correction than Lasik Surgery.

Benefits for the patients

Contoura Vision is a laser eye surgical approach that has more benefits for patients. Contoura Visio is one of the minimally invasive treatment procedures which make the procedure painless. Contoura Vision does not need any blades, cuts, or stitches and enables a faster recovery for patients. Contoura Vision uses better quality technology, which improves its precision compared to Lasik surgery. Contoura Vision requires much lesser time compared to Lasik surgery which means more benefits for the patient.

Cost aspect

Any form of laser eye surgery is a technology-driven procedure. Contoura Vision surgery and Laser eye surgery in Delhi are cost-intensive surgeries. Since every laser surgical procedure involves technology, they are expensive. Contoura Vision and Lasik are both elective and optional treatment approaches; as a result, none of them are covered by medical insurance. In most cases, when you opt for laser technology-oriented eye surgeries, the payment for the procedures must be met by you. However, some top-rated eye clinics can assist you with well-designed packages and easy payment options. However, as Contoura Vision uses better technology and instrument, the cost of Contoura can be higher than Lasik.

Consult your doctor

Lasik surgeries have been in practice for a longer time. However, recently doctors are shifting towards newer and better science and technology, through Contoura Vision. Doctors check many aspects before they take a call for either of the procedures. There is a strict eligibility scale for both Contoura Vision, as well as Lasik eye surgery. Your doctor will assess different aspects of your health before they advise you either for the procedures. Contoura Vision, however, can offer you sharper vision correction as compared to Lasik surgery. It is the latest version of laser eye surgeries which offers the correction of different refractive errors in the corneal.

Select the best

You can get the best quality treatment from top-rated doctors, surgeons, and clinics in the city. Investigate the background of the doctor and the clinic from where you are planning to get your treatment. Find out about their cost packages and the benefits you can get from the packages. Ask your doctor about the option you should select. Chalk out a sketch of the basic facilities you wish for yourself so that you can do away with the frills and take just what is needed. Talk to people who have gone for the treatment so that you can get authentic information. Follow the advice for preparing well for the surgery, so that the treatment can be good and the outcome can be a success. Investigate all information from the internet, relevant journals, and magazines for better assurance.

Take good aftercare

For the best results from Contoura Vision, plan the whole surgical treatment well. Consult your doctor and follow the pre and post-operative preparations for a quick recovery.

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