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Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery: Beyond 20/20 Vision

You may have heard about LASIK surgery and its benefits and are interested in enhancing your knowledge of the Contoura procedure. The latter is an advanced LASIK version. After the procedure, patients can stop using their contact lenses or glasses. Some people might experience abnormalities in their cornea region and hence unsuitable for LASIK surgery. They are eligible for Contoura corrective eye surgery.

About Contoura Vision

It is called a ‘topography-guided’ LASIK procedure. It is the latest advancement in medical technology that helps you to eliminate eyewear. It is achievable with laser vision correction. SMILE and LASIK procedures are popular. But they correct only eyeglass power. On the other hand, Contoura works on your Visual Axis and rectifies corneal irregularities. It offers sharper visual results.

Is it a better option?

Contoura and LASIK procedures help to enhance astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. However, fundamental disparities exist between their scopes, results, and technology. LASIK helps eliminate wearing contact lenses or glasses. Contoura offers enhanced refractive results and visual acuity. The latter uses a computer-aided topographic mapping technique. It pinpoints microscopic contours present on the cornea.

How is Contoura beneficial?

It heals anomalies arising in optics and cornea’s curvature. The treatment provided depends on the eye’s visual axis. LASIK procedures mainly emphasize the eyeball. Advanced computer analysis produces cornea contours. They are customized into specially designed lasers. Cornea’s 22,000 points get mapped in this process. Once done, the eye doctor creates a custom treatment plan to suit your needs.

Custom treatment

The fact is not every person has the same type of eyes. Hence, the qualified doctor customizes each treatment plan to ensure a better outcome. Being a topography-guided LASIK surgery, it helps enhance cornea’s abnormalities. You enjoy corrected vision quality. It allows light to enter your eyes evenly and readily. Therefore, you derive a sharp and clear vision.

Advanced vision correction technology

When compared to standard correction procedures, Contoura vision surgery is an advanced version. On successful completion, many patients have reported viewing clear vision. It is without using contact lenses or glasses. The results obtained are also much better than earlier vision correction versions. Fewer problems is faced with glare that generally occurs around lights. You can drive your car comfortably at night without complaints.

Impressive results

Contoura offers impressive results. Approximately 65% of patients who have received this treatment have enjoyed better than 6/6 improvements. Patients also experience less tissue damage and heal quickly. Many did not get satisfactory results with LASIK. They should undergo Contoura treatment to derive its benefits. It is the latest and safest vision correction and eyewear removal procedure. Hence, it is much better compared to LASIK.

Wavelight Contoura

Wavelight Contoura is an excellent procedure. It helps treat eyes that have already availed of LASIK surgery. It also treats irregularities arising in the cornea region that could have lowered your vision quality. It also comes with reduced side effects than LASIK. You should have Contoura vision LASIK surgery at the top clinic or hospital in your region that has proven results.

What side effects of LASIK can be treated with Contoura?

A few side effects of LASIK include blurred vision, ghosting of images, halos, and glare. If you experience such side effects, you are eligible to undergo Contoura to remove irregularities in your cornea. The latter could be the reason for you to experience such symptoms. These are off-label treatments, conducted globally. Those with post-LASIK ectasia or keratoconus are eligible for the Contoura procedure.

Wavelight Contoura and FDA trials

Clinical trials to derive FDA approval to conduct Contoura Vision surgery showed positive results. 30% of people enjoyed deriving better vision after having Contoura. Clear vision is possible even without wearing contacts or glasses. It is something not less than a miracle, especially for those tired of using such accessories. 98% of people are satisfied with the procedure and ready to do it again.

Fewer complaints

After having the procedure, many claim that they experience less or reduced sensitivity and glare to light. They also face reduced trouble when driving at night and difficulty reading. 92% of patients who have undergone Contoura surgery enjoyed 20/20 vision or even better! 20/20 is the normal vision as per medical experts, 65% have derived 20/16 vision while 34% obtained 20/12.5.

Achieve eagle eye vision

The results obtained from the procedure managed to outperform what is achieved by contact lenses and glasses. Some patients even enjoyed achieving almost ‘eagle eye’ vision. However, to derive optimum results, it is necessary to consult the top doctor specialized in conducting Contoura vision procedures. You cannot compromise on the quality or results obtained.

FDA approved method

You have to know the eligibility aspect before considering Contoura Vision treatment. US FDA has approved the Contoura procedure and millions already have benefited. When compared to SMILE and LASIK, it offers exceptional results. Hence, ophthalmologists around the globe recommend it to their patients. It also comes with fewer or no side effects, unlike other vision treatment procedures.

Eligibility criteria

To avail of this process, you should be 18+ years old and have a consistent eyewear prescription. You should have <3D cyl. Power. Your cornea should be thick and not thin. Spherical >8D eye power is not desired. You should not experience corneal pathology. Your doctor will evaluate your eye condition and prescribe several tests to determine your eligibility.

Stop wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses

You should visit the best eye care professional to know how you can benefit from availing Contoura vision procedure. The reputed eye doctor will treat diverse refractive errors. They will ensure you enjoy top vision at all times. They will evaluate your eye health thoroughly. Based on their findings, they will prescribe you to undergo the procedure.

Consult a reputed eye doctor today!

You should not delay your eye evaluation and the procedure. If eligible, avail of Contoura vision surgery at the earliest. It will enable you to get rid of the burdensome glasses or contact lenses forever. You will see everything without wearing these accessories. You also save money in the process and enjoy a clear vision. The well-trained, experienced doctors will perform the surgery to offer better outcomes.


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