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Advanced Vision Correction: SILK vs SMILE vs LASIK

The optical surgery domain has seen several evolutions, new, novel, and dynamic invasive surgical treatments, and many other milestones that can correct some of the most severe and rare vision-related problems. Breakthrough eye invasive surgery will include Silk surgery, Smile surgery, and Lasik surgical approaches, which have exhibited remarkable success in the past. All the different surgical methods have successfully treated diverse vision-related issues like far-sightedness, near-sightedness, and astigmatism. Amongst the various approaches we just mentioned Silk eye surgery is one of the most recent additions and has given outstanding results to global patients and eye specialists. Recently, there has been debate regarding the superiority and suitability of all the different invasive surgical approaches of Silk, Smile, and Lasik. In the current discussion, we will try to compare all three approaches and zero down on the most effective treatment method.

Understanding the parameters

Before we compare the different eye-invasive surgical approaches of Silk, Smile, and Lasik surgery, we must understand that all these vision corrective methods use the latest laser surgical approaches, with successful treatment results. Nevertheless, when we try to compare all these three surgical techniques, we must compare the aspects of their technique involved, risk factors, probable side effects the patients can experience, recovery time, suitability for contemporary lifestyle, post-surgery comfort, etc. In the following part of the discussion, we will compare Silk versus Smile and Silk versus Lasik eye surgery to understand and estimate the suitability of the newest addition to the optical surgery domain.

Silk vs smile

To begin with, you must understand that Silk and Smile are eye-invasive surgeries that include lenticule extraction. However, the Silk eye surgery in India is a more recent procedure and uses much more sophisticated technology, medical equipment, and scientific approach than Smile eye surgery.  Silk eye surgery is a vision-corrective treatment that can offer much better advancement and progress. Let us compare the two procedures from diverse parameters.

·This eye surgery offers better treatment: Since It uses better and more recent technology, it uses 60 nanojoules energy laser as compared to 150 Nanojoules, which is regular in Smile invasive eye surgery. Since the laser energy is lower in Silk eye treatment, it reduces the chances of collateral tissue damage and can support faster recovery after the surgery.

·Effective separation method: The Separation method used in Silk eye treatment is conducive for a smoother lenticule dissection, which leads to less inflammation and much less severe swelling inside the eye after the surgery. As a result, the patient can experience faster recovery after the surgery.

·Better vision quality: Silk uses a biconvex lenticule design which helps enhance the vision quality in the patient after the surgery. This lenticule design will improve nerve regeneration and prevent side effects like dry eye symptoms after the surgery.

·Better treatment for astigmatism: In the silk eye invasive surgical approach, eye rotation changes derive a better treatment result extent, which is absent in Smile eye surgery. As a result, Silk eye operation can treat astigmatism better than Smile surgery.

·Faster recovery time: Recovery is one of the most vital aspects that can help to determine the quality of an eye-invasive surgical approach. Patients who go through Silk surgery experience a faster recovery where they can experience improvements within 24 hours of the surgery. Patients who go through Smile eye surgery require a minimum of one week time to recover from the surgical procedure.

Silk vs Lasik

In the previous part of the discussion, we compared Silk eye surgery with a Smile eye treatment. In this part of the discussion, let us compare Silk eye invasive surgery with Lasik eye surgery.

·A flapless technique: In Lasik eye surgery, a corneal flap is made on the cornea surface to correct the imperfections in the corneal area. In Silk eye invasive surgery, no such corneal flap is required, which makes Silk surgery far more safe for patients.

·Better vision quality: Lasik eye surgery offers a 6/6 standard visual quality. In this context, the Silk eye invasive surgery offers much better results to its patients as it has a record of achieving a vision quality of 6/5.

·Gentle on optic nerves: Silk surgery is a procedure that makes use of the biconvex lenticules. This lenticule proves to be much more gentle on the corneal and other optic nerves and projects a much lower chance of dry eyes after the surgery is over

·Faster recovery: Just as in the case of Smile, Silk eye surgery offers a much faster recovery to its patient than Lasik eye surgery. In Lasik eye surgery, since a corneal flap is made, the patients often require as much time as a week after the surgery to recover completely and get back to regular life.

·Safer approach: As compared to Lasik eye surgery, Silk eye treatment offers much safer treatment opportunities for its patients. People who go through the Silk eye surgery can experience much greater comfort than the ones who experience Lasik eye surgery. The chances of side effects are much less in Silk invasive eye surgeries.

Final summation

In the final summation of this discussion, it is clear that Silk surgery is one of the most modern, updated, progressive, and safe vision correction surgeries that can help you with diverse eye-related problems like astigmatism, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, etc. Silk uses much more advanced and updated technology which can offer you effective and safer vision correction surgery. However, Silk as a vision correction surgery does not apply to all kinds of patients. There is a specific criterion for every patient who can get Silk eye surgery done. Consult your doctor for authentic information on this topic and plan for this surgery only after his advice. The cost for a Silk eye surgery will depend upon different factors like the doctor from whom you are getting the treatment, the clinic where the operation is arranged, pre-surgery test, post-surgery recovery and care arrangements, etc. Discuss the  eye surgery proposition for your case in detail with your doctor and know about its cost factor to be fully prepared for the procedure. This vision corrective surgery is one of the best options if you wish to correct your vision-related problem and get back to your normal life as soon as possible.


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