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Is it Safe to Undergo Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi During Covid-19?

Most of the medical departments have been affected by the pandemic, COVID-19. Ophthalmology is not an exception, many procedures were hampered due to the pandemic considering the amendments in protocols. When it comes to evaluating the proper timeliness of the Lasik eye surgery in Delhi during COVID times, then, a positive approach has been witnessed. In short, ophthalmologists are adhering to all the protocols and ensuring every single precaution is taken to attain successful results from Lasik eye surgery.

Since there are many organs of the human body that are connected to the intrinsic functioning of the eyes, the pre-assessment of the same is recommended to the patients. Even though, the Lasik treatment for vision correctness, including farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism, postponing its schedule due to the pandemic may not at all be a viable thought. To keep it simple, if you have pondered over the thought to get your vision corrected through Lasik Laser eye surgery, then, get an appointment booked and proceed with the initial analysis conducted at the clinic. Based on your eligibility for Lasik eye surgery in Delhi, the doctor will share the details for the follow-up for vision correction. If you have been searching for assistance in planning your Laser surgery journey during the pandemic, then, here are some of the factors worth taking a look at:

1. Check for hygiene and safety level maintained by the eye clinic

Generally, all the eye clinics are particular about health and hygiene before preparing for Lasik laser eye surgery. Nevertheless, these pandemic times are worsening, wherein, the deadly impact of COVID-19 has now and then, been witnessed. Therefore, you should always choose the top eye surgeon for laser eye surgery, so that, hygienic practices are carried out while ensuring the well-being of your eye and all the sense organs of the body. Most of all, the best clinic for eye care and surgery will emphasize sanitization, pre-assessment tests, and phenomenal treatment.

2. Examine the risks of undergoing eye surgery during the COVID scenario

After your appointment has been confirmed by Lasik surgery specialists in Delhi, make sure you have got all the aspects related to the risks of undergoing eye surgery during the pandemic. Basically, this prerequisite to eye surgery will assure the clear vision of going under the knife for vision correction. The doctor will highlight the impact of using dirty glasses and how you can suffer from infections related to eyes if proper spectacles are not worn. Therefore, Lasik laser eye surgery is 100% solution for keeping your vision proper and safe from infections. For instance, if the proper eye care is not consistently monitored while using spectacles, tears, conjunctivitis, tears and other issues may prevail.

In addition, staying safe during COVID times is all about the continual care of eyes and entire health. Thus, you should not take chances and definitely talk to your ophthalmologist about the Lasik eye surgery for getting rid of eyeglasses permanently.

3. Understand the preparation for eye surgery and the scope of treatment

It is your right without any doubt to know what all has to be carried out as a part of Lasik laser eye surgery before the process begins. Hence, you should understand the surgery preparation and methodology being used by discussing the same with the eye specialist. Whether you have opted to seek consultation from a private ophthalmologist or government eye clinic, the whole idea is to choose a skilled professional. This will ensure the definite results of vision correction.

Preparation steps for eye surgery which you should know:

1. Select a skilled doctor or reputable laser eye clinic

2. In case, you turn out to be COVID+ (positive), this shall be taken into consideration before checking your eligibility for laser eye surgery

3. Social distancing and hygiene should be maintained along with the usage of masks.

4. Wearing clean clothes is also a must for you while going for Lasik surgery for vision


5. If you are on any type of medication, then, prescription and prescribed medicines should

be shown to the doctor


Apart from all the considerations mentioned above, the patient is expected to be stress-free while undergoing Lasik laser eye surgery. In terms of post-eye surgery, you should follow the instructions mentioned by the specialist to keep your eye healthy during the pandemic. Last, but not least, sleeping for few hours after the treatment is highly recommended to keep out discomfort. Alternatively, eye drops should be used as per the prescription to soothe the eyes.

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